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Treat your baby's taste buds with Ragi Milk Porridge for babies, which is not just yummy but also packed with the several nutrients of best health benefits!

Ragi Milk Porridge for babies

Ragi milk is considered to be the best first food for babies as its packed with high nutritional value. Ragi or finger millet is very nutritious and is beneficial for overall growth and development of a baby.
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Course: porridge
Cuisine: Indian
Author: Hemapriya


  • Ragi / fingermillet – 1 cup


  • Method to extract Ragi Milk
  • Take ragi in a bowl and add water to it. Rub it with fingers to remove husk. Discard the husk and rinse the ragi again and soak it in enough water. Keep the bowl covered overnight.
  • Next day discard the soaked water and rinse the ragi again (until you get clean water). Drain and transfer it to a grinder jar.
  • Pulse 2-3 time to crush the finger millet. Now add little water and blend again, until you get the milk from the millet.
  • Strain the mix through a muslin cloth and extract as much ragi milk as possible.
  • Method to prepare the ragi milk porridge:
  • Take ragi milk in a sauce pan. If it is very thick, dilute it with water.
  • Cook it on low to medium flame while stirring continuously.
  • The ragi milk begins to thicken. Put off the flame once it is cooked and attains the desired consistency. The porridge further thickens on cooling, so adjust the cooking time accordingly.
  • Add little ghee to the porridge while serving to the baby. Serve it while it is warm.
  • This recipe is suitable for babies above 6 months.