The​ Ultimate Guide to Healthy Weight Gain ​in Babies & Stress​ Free ​Moms!

Have you ever worried about whether your baby is growing & gaining weight well?

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    ​ Do other people look at your baby and say that she doesn't look 'healthy' enough?
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    ​Do you spend sleepless nights blaming yourself and drowning in Mommy guilt?
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    ​And the final question - are you wondering how I know all this?

​It's because I've been exactly where you are right now!

​And it's not just me either. Judging from the huge number of emails I get everyday from Moms worried about their babies' health, this is a global problem! But it's an even bigger problem in India, considering people love giving their opinions when not asked!

I have experienced all the feelings you're going through right now. I've felt heartbroken and wondered what I was doing wrong. People told me, 'You're a doctor; why doesn't your child look healthy?' I can't tell you how much their words hurt me.

I was getting depressed and it only made things worse. One day after a tearful call with my Mom, she turned up and said she was taking over my little one's diet and that I was to relax. I took a step back and let Mom run the show, and it was such a relief! By offering dishes full of high calorie and nutritious ingredients, my baby slowly reached her ideal weight and became more active and happy!

That's when I realized the power of wholesome ingredients combined with traditional recipes. Being urban Moms living in nuclear families, most of us don't have access to these and rely on ready-to-eat branded baby food from jars and packets in the supermarket.

I realized that there had to be Moms like me suffering and began putting up recipes on the blog. The huge response made me realize that there were a great many Moms waiting for that magic pill that would help their babies get healthier and reach their milestones on time.

​That's when I decided that it was high time someone made that magic pill. And that someone was going to be me!

And you know what that pill is called - The Chubby Cheeks eBook - Everything you need to know about Healthy Weight Gain in Babies!​


​Inside the pages of the Chubby Cheeks eBook, you’ll find valuable information, helpful tips and loads of recipes that will help your little one get to a healthy weight and gain all essential nutrients. The best part? Everything is made from healthy, wholesome ingredients!

You know how I can say this with so much surety? Because I have experienced this myself with my baby. When you think about it, you're getting the best of traditional wisdom in a handy little format!

At Rs. 299, the ​Chubby Cheeks eBook is going to be the best investment you'll make for your baby's health today.

Here’s a little peek at what you'll find in the book:

​Sample Recipe format:

​Here's what ​moms are saying about the Chubby Cheeks eBook:

​The Chubby Cheeks Cookbook is an ultimate comprehensive guide to every parent out here.The book has all accurate details about each aspect of complementary feeding and gives a complete summary about every food/ingredient which should be a part of solid introduction to babies.The recipes are very clearly explained and all of them are natural, attractive, innovative, colourful and as simple as ABC's.The versatility of the cookbook makes it even more exciting .The eBook is a boon and will ensure you a hassle free weaning phase .Adding to all of these ,this has been beautifully and efficiently curated by a knowledgeable and caring "Doctor Mom" ,who is just a mail away from us.

​ V.T. Kalyani

​​Being a Mom is always a herculean task with everyone trying to advise you on everything about the baby,from breastfeeding to sleep patterns.However one thing that everyone has an opinion about and worries all moms universally is their baby's weight gain process.

While it is important for the baby to put on adequate weight gain ,it is equally important that is done with the knowledge of correct nutrition to benefit the baby in the long term.  I have been following all the recipes provided by Dr.Hema on her website till date and with so much of a variety of recipes,my baby has always looked forward to his meals.

In her new book she takes this a step ahead by introducing different forms of food which help us to understand why certain foods are important,along with their nutritional value and the varied forms in which they can be offered.

With simple explanations of basics such as cooking techniques,measurements & tips,this will be a blessing for all new moms. Having tried a few recipes,I am looking forward to taking my weaning process ahead and trying out all the recipes in this wonderful book.  After all happy baby equals a happy Momma!

​Neha Bhise

​I totally applaud the efforts that have gone in such a detailed book which answers almost every query of a new mother with regards to her little one's weight. This book is a bible that has important information on what to feed your child, with recipes included. It is a boon for all Moms, with cooking techniques and simple recipes. You will be assured of feeding your child the right thing at the right time.


​Buy The Chubby Cheeks ​Cook​book

At Rs. 299, the Chubby Cheeks Cookbook is going to be the best investment you'll make for your baby's health today.

​Price: ₹ 299 /-

​Pages: 62

​Recipes: 50+

​Dr. Hema Priya

About the Author

Dr. Hemapriya Natesan is an experienced medical practitioner and Mom to two adorable kids – an 8 year old and a 3 year old. She is also the founder of the successful parenting blog My Little Moppet and the owner of the health food store, Little Moppet Foods.

Fondly known as the 'Doctor Mom', Dr. Hema regularly posts about child health, baby nutrition and kid-friendly recipes on her website. Besides this, she runs the very active MyLittleMoppet Moms Facebook group, where she answers parenting questions from readers and customers.

You can get in touch with Dr. Hema by emailing her at [email protected] or messaging her on Facebook.

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