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​We Are Turning ​ TWO!!



Date: Nov 27th to Dec 23rd

​Venue: The My Little Moppet Facebook Page and Instagram Profile

Venue: The My Little Moppet Facebook Page and Instagram Profile

We’re changing the “terrible twos” to “terrific twos”!

That’s right.

Little Moppet Foods is TWO years old and it’s terrific, indeed! And we have YOU to thank for it.

​Little Moppet Foods 2nd Anniversary

From the depths of our hearts and from every single one of us at the My Little Moppet HQ – Thank YOU.

The journey has had its moments and milestones.

We’ve had our share of teething troubles. We’ve had plenty of sleepless nights. We’ve had loads of “watch-and-wait” moments.


It’s ALL so worth it, just like it is with our real-life little moppets. And like every proud mama, I’m so proud of this baby too.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I say… it takes a village to raise anything, including a business.

I’m SO grateful to all of you for being part of my “village” and for supporting this mom’s vision of making healthy, homemade baby food accessible to busy parents, all across India.

This year has been especially momentous because we opened not one but TWO brick-and-mortar stores for all of you – one in Chennai and the other right here in Madurai.

Not only that we added some amazing new products to our already thriving range – Instant Noodles was one of them and a runaway hit too!

Yes, turning two has been terrific, indeed. To celebrate this incredible milestone, we’re organizing a month-long celebration and…


Date: November 27th to December 23rd

Venue: The My Little Moppet Facebook Page and Instagram Profile


Now what’s a birthday party without some fun and games! We’ve got LOADS of fun in store for you and your friends!!

Want a sneak peek at some of the activities we’ve got lined up? Make sure you sign up so you’re the first to know as soon as we host the first activity!

But here’s a tiny glimpse:

  1. Friends Eat Free: You’ll have the chance to share the goodness of My Little Moppet foods with your friends and help them WIN prize packs too!!
  2. The My Little Moppet Supersize Surprise: Want to get a FREE full-size pack of one of our best-selling products? Keep your eyes peeled for this fun promotion!
  3. “Make Your Own Moppet Meal” Giveaway: Want to WIN your favorite My Little Moppet products? THIS giveaway is all about that!!
  4. Moppet Mania: We’ll be bringing back THIS super special promotion where YOU can snag all your favorite My Little Moppet products at their LAUNCH price. That’s right!! This was hugely popular at our last birthday celebration so we wanted to give you another chance to SAVE big on your favorite all-natural, all-organic baby and toddler foods!

And there’s LOTS MORE too including a contest for My Little Moppet MomChefs!!

So, pop in those details right here so you’re the FIRST to know when each special “game” goes LIVE!!