Instant Puffed Rice Porridge for Babies
Recipe type: Porridge
Cuisine: Indian
This Instant Puffed Rice Porridge for babies is a weight gain porridge which is highly nutritious, easily made and also the great travel food for babies.
  • Puffed Rice - 100 grams.
  • Bengal Gram - 30 grams.
  • (Roasted & de-husked)
  1. Heat a pan.
  2. Add puffed rice and saute
  3. Add Roasted gram and saute.
  4. Let the mixture cool.
  5. Add the mixture in a grinding jar.
  6. Grind well.
  7. Puffed rice powder is ready.
  8. You can store it in an airtight container for 3-4 Months.
  9. How to Make Puffed Rice Porridge?
  10. Take 2 tbsp. of Puffed rice porridge powder.
  11. Add piping hot water to the mixture.
  12. Stir without lumps.
  13. Travel friendly Porridge is ready.
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